welcome to the lab.

"Our specialty is to understand our client's vision and turn it into a unique, entertaining product…" (Dan N., CEO)

Deep inside a secret lab, a small team of elite-scientists relentlessly strive for their next breakthrough - building your app. 

Dan's Lab is a skilled, mission-oriented three-man team which specializes in gaming and apps development for any platform: iOS, Android, Facebook, Windows Phone 8 and more. 

Years of experience in both gaming and developing gave The Lab's team the knowledge to build personally customized applications. Their products will entertain your audience, and at the same time promote your interests.

about_imageThe team makes the outmost efforts to fully comprehend the client's vision and needs. To turn the vision into a functioning app, they provide cover-to-cover development services: app characterization, creative and artwork services, programing, implementing, and technical support. All this is done while keeping the client fully involved in the process and providing professional advice whenever needed.

Do you have an idea for a game or an app? Tell us about it!